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5 May 2016

Belarus has 484 centenarians

There are 484 centenarians in Belarus, BelTA learned from Tatyana Maksimova, the spokeswoman for the Labor and Social Security Ministry.

Women considerably prevail among Belarusian long-livers. 426 women and 58 men have turned 100. Thus, women are 7 times as many as men among long-livers in the country.

As of 1 April, there were seven people over 110 in Belarus. Two of them living in Grodno and Minsk Oblasts were born at the dawn of the last century and can be called super long-livers. Now they are 115 and older.

Grodno Oblast is traditionally among the leaders in Belarus in the number of long-livers: as of 1 April this year, there were 101 people over 100. Minsk Oblast goes second (79) and Vitebsk Oblast is third (71). Brest Oblast is home to 66 people who have already celebrated their 100th birthday. There are 65 long-livers in Gomel Oblast, 55 in the city of Minsk, and 47 in Mogilev Oblast.

As of 1 January 2016 there were 531 people over the age of 100 in the country.