Beshenkovichi Regional Executive Committee

Address: 13, Chuklaya Street,
Beshenkovichi, 211361

8 (02131) 6-42-45


Main / Economy / Agriculture


     The leading role in the economy of the region belongs to agriculture. 
     The total area of ​​agricultural land in the farms of the region is 47.6 thousand hectares, of which arable land is 28.6 thousand hectares. 
      Fertility of arable land - 28 points. The average size of the contour of agricultural land is 12.7 hectares, arable land is 12.9 hectares. 
       The agrarian complex of the district is represented by 7 agricultural enterprises and 12 peasant farms, which specialize in the production of meat, milk and cereals. In the development of the agro-industrial complex of the region, the rate is placed on breeding highly productive breeds of animals, plant varieties, increasing labor productivity, modernizing agricultural production, and strengthening the technical potential of agricultural enterprises.