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9 April 2024

Representatives of Beshenkovichi district are among the awarded participants in the 2024 election campaign

Participants in the 2024 election campaign were awarded today in Vitebsk. Among the recipients were representatives of Beshenkovichi district.
For personal contribution to the preparation and conduct of the most important socio-political events, the following were awarded the Certificate of Honor of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee:
Pyotr Tikhonenko and Yulia Kukhto, who are on well-deserved rest.
The gratitude of the chairman of the regional executive committee was announced:
Director of Secondary School 2, Beshenkovichi named after M. Tkachenko Olga Krasakova, librarian of Bocheykovo Secondary School named after M. Vysogorets Tatyana Gubko, teacher of Ulla College named after L. Dovator Olga Gertsik.
The following were awarded the Certificate of Honor of Vitebsk Regional Council of Deputies: leading specialist in ideological work of JSC ASB-Agro Novator Evgenia Fieshko, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of Ostrovno Secondary School named after K. Abazovsky Yulia Koshelapova.
“The high civic activity and integrity you demonstrated helped us all together achieve good results to strengthen the Belarusian statehood, contributed to the strengthening of unity and harmony in society,” said Dmitry Demidov, Chairman of the Regional Council of Deputies, addressing the winners of well-deserved awards. “I am confident that your knowledge, experience, and authority will continue to serve the development and prosperity of our small homeland, Vitebsk region.”