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28 April 2016

Special program for this year's Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk in order

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Natalia Kochanova has held a session of the committee in charge of organizing the 25th international art festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk, the press service of the Belarus government told BelTA.

During the session Natalia Kochanova said: "The festival means a lot for our country. Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk has become a symbol of Belarus. This year it will mark its 25th anniversary and we should organize the event properly." She also spoke in favor of working out a special program for the jubilee festival. It was also noted that the 25th anniversary of the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk will be marked as part of the Year of Culture.

Participants of the session discussed the main events of the festival and a number of organizational matters.

The 25th Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk will take place on 14-18 July 2016. The 25th international pop song contest Vitebsk 2016 will be the main event, around which the entire program of the festival will unfold. The program will also include solemn ceremonies and gala concerts for the start and the end of the festival, the 14th international children music contest Vitebsk 2016, the Day of Friendship, and the Day of Youth. As a special feature this year artists, guests, and participants of the festival will take part in a solemn procession on the festival's opening day.

Various events have been planned for this year's festival such as pop concerts, standup shows, special events timed to the festival's jubilee, concerts and entertainment events for young people, special projects Theater Meetings, Festival Without Borders, Puppet Block, Talent Fair, and other ones. Plans have been made to arrange 17 concerts, including two night ones, in the Summer Amphitheater.

Craftsmen Town will be available in the open air in Vitebsk during the festival days. An international contest of wickerwork craftsmen will take place as well as a contest of wind music, a contest of Vitebsk Oblast drummer girls, a folk costume event and other events. Street musicians, dancers, poets, and painters will demonstrate their talents every day.

A show of brands of Vitebsk Oblast towns and districts will take place. Booths of other nations, regional booths of all the oblasts of the country will be opened in Vitebsk streets to showcase and sell handcrafted products and offer national cuisine dishes.