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13 March 2023

Belarusian police division GUBOPiK busy ferreting out extremist sleeper cells

After the terrorist attack at the Machulishchi airfield in compliance with the head of state's instruction the Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry has stepped up efforts targeting citizens, who are involved in activities of extremist formations and terrorist organizations, representatives of the Internal Affairs Ministry told BelTA.

In particular, efforts of personnel of the Central Office for Fight Against Organized Crime and Corruption (GUBOPiK) of the Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry are aimed at detecting sleeper cells of extremists and their accomplices, including those, who finance criminal activities against Belarus. As a rule, persons related to mercenaries and participants of extremist formations such as the Peramoga plan [victory in Belarusian], are ready to cooperate with terrorists. Pinpoint efforts are being exercised to stop activists operating inside the country and bent on fomenting enmity on the Internet.

Only the day before GUBOPiK processed over 60 individuals. As many as 21 individuals faced administrative prosecution and five people faced criminal charges.

The Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry stressed that law enforcement officers keep an eye on information published in extremist chats in real time, promptly identify perpetrators, and constantly analyze activity of participants of destructive initiatives.

In order to prevent possible provocations and crimes in a timely manner systemic measures continue being taken all over the country to detect sleeper terrorist cells and extremist cells. Individuals are being brought to justice for conducting subversive activities, for committing acts of extremism and terrorism. Their detection and punishment are unavoidable, the Internal Affairs Ministry stressed.