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17 February 2016
Norwegian colleagues will share their experience of organizing volunteer-based teams for rapid response to emergencies and for providing first aid with the Vitebsk Oblast branch of the Belarusian Society of the Red Cross. The information was released by Galina Zhelanova, Chairwoman of the Vitebsk Oblast organization of the Belarusian Society of the Red Cross, on 16 February, BelTA has learned. According to the source, representatives of the Norwegian Red Cross visited Vitebsk in November...
9 February 2016
Scientists of the Vitebsk-based Applied Acoustics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus intend to roll out a pilot batch of portable ultrasound welding tools of their own design in late February, BelTA learned from the Institute's Deputy Director Yuri Tsarenko. According to the source, the ultrasound welding tools are lightweight and safe. They are designed to connect large-sized plastic components or to perform welding operations in hard-to-reach places. The...
3 February 2016
The export geography of Vitebsk Oblast included ten new countries in 2015, BelTA learned from Deputy Head of the Sport and Tourism Department of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Darya Matskevich. "In comparison with 2014,the export of tourism services in the region was expanded by ten countries, namely Australia, Greece, Argentina, Maldives, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Tunisia, Qatar, and Sudan. These are not only tourists using vouchers, by also people visiting...
26 January 2016
Belarus' Vitebsk Oblast has expanded its export geography to 77 countries. In January-November 2015 the region shipped its products to eight new markets, BelTA learned from the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee. Last year, the region started to sell products to India, Cameroon, South Korea, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Montenegro. It resumed exports of milk powder, whey, lubricating oil additives, door panels, and veterinary drugs to Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia,...
19 January 2016
Honored Artist of Russia Lyudmila Golub will present an organ concert at the Vitebsk Oblast Philharmonic Hall on 21 January, BelTA learnt from the cultural establishment. The concert "Bach in Leipzig" will include works of the renowned composer wrote by him in this German city over his last 27 years of life. Lyudmila Golub is an organist of the world level. She gives concerts in Russia, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and the...
14 January 2016
The 25th edition of the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk will take place in the second half of July. Tickets to some concert programs will be available starting from February, director of the forum, head of the World Association of Festivals Alexander Sidorenko told BelTA on 13 February. "We cannot name any concrete dates until we coordinate the issue with all government bodies. We can only say that the festival will be held in the second half of July," said Alexander Sidorenko. "Many...